Boxy Charm July 2016

Boxy Charm July 2016

As always I’m impressed by boxy charm. What did I do with my life before the subscription box again.?? 

Unfortunately one of the eyeshadows broke along the way so it’s not pictured, but all of this is gorgeous, and I’m loving the lip gloss color more than anything. A bit different from my usual tastes but it’s gorgeous.!!

Also I have to apologize for being absent on here this past month. I had surgery on my ears almost 6 weeks ago which has been pretty rough recovery-wise, but I’m finally feeling a bit more myself, and I’m working on some pretty big things beauty-wise. More to come on that in the following months!! 

Naked Basics Dupe

Naked Basics Dupe

From left to right: UD Crave, w7 Cargo, w7 Katie, UD Faint

I’ve really come to love this brand, I have every W7 palette now that I picked this one up this morning. It lasts just as long as UD when used with setting spray, and the formula is great, in this particular palette I prefer the feeling of the W7 over UD, it seems softer and more buttery. 

May ’16 Boxycharm 

Loving this months boxy charm.! This month included a perfume (smells amazing, and I’m not really a perfume person,) a makeup geek blush, I’ve been dying to try these so I’m really excited about that one.! A nail polish in a teal color, a lip liner, a double ended eyeliner which is AWESOME.  I’ve got to get it in black, and last but not least a brow gel which I have used the past two days, and LOVE. I think it’s my new favorite, really lightweight but keeps my brows in place all day, great for glam makeup or even on days you’re wearing none and just want to tame your brows. I’ll definitely be repurchasing it.! The only thing I don’t like is the nail polish, but if you know me you know I don’t do colors other than the occasional light pink.! Once again I’m so satisfied with this months box. If you’re looking for a way to try out new makeup I SERIOUSLY recommend this subscription box.

This months box had 106$ of product for just 21$.!

Subscribe here, you won’t regret it.!!

Review: Wet n Wild MegaGlo Palette

I had to run into cvs today and decided to check if they had wet n wilds new highlighters, (they don’t,) but I did decide to pick this baby up. So glad I did.! The old version of this palette was wayyy too colorful for my tastes but this one is perfect. As always the pigment that Ive grown to expect from wet n wild was right at my expectations if not exceeding them. 

This doesn’t do it justice at all. I shouldn’t taken this outside for better light but had an angry baby at my feet so this will have to do. I was initially worried about the color lasting since it quickly wore off my hand, but once on my face on top of makeup it set so well and lasted all day, even through a couple hours at the pool. 

I’m wearing the lightish gold color here, and it’s just so gorgeous. These are a bit on the shimmery side of highlighters, but I love glitter and glam and all things highlight, I don’t discriminate, they’re all beautiful to me.  Excuse my under eyes, I went without concealer today, wasn’t planning on making a post but this super cheap (under 5$) palette deserved a review. If you’re new to highlighting and just want to test the waters without too much commitment this is for you. If you’re like me and just addicted to highlighting in general this is a great addition to your collection. Seriously for this price you can really go wrong. Thank you wet n wild, for always blowing me away with your amazing + affordable products. Now PLEASEEEEE get some of your new highlighters in stock near me.!! I’m dying to see their beauty.

Sephora Haul

I got a little carried away, but I’m really excited about this haul for a few reasons.

I’m planning to try out both of the Becca foundations for a while then do a post on which I prefer.

I finally got a Becca poured skin perfector.

My favorite lip gloss brand, Buxom came out with a liquid Lippie.

AND I can’t wait to review this Dr Jart sleeping mask.

I’m actually excited about all of it.

I can’t handle the excitement, guys.

Review: Bathhouse Soapery

Review: Bathhouse Soapery

So this is a review I should have made a long time ago. I’ve been a very loyal customer to the Bathhouse Soapery for a long time. I remember the very first day I walked in, seeing the beautiful exposed brick and the chandeliers, not to mention all the beautiful scrubs, soaps and their displays. The smell hits you when you open the door, and it’s amazing. I made my hubby smell every single bar of soap with me, and help me decide which one to buy, little did he know it would become an addiction.! 


All of the abover were close to a year ago, since then their bags and bath bomb packaging have evolved, but the product remains amazing, and the store is still as gorgeous.!

These are recent, the second was just taken yesterday and the first last month.  


My all time favorite scent from them is Milk, if you couldn’t tell from the photos, but they have so many amazing ones. I also love the scents Goddess, Bathhouse Couture, and Hot Springs, and I wish I always remembered to take product shots so you could see how beautiful they all are. I used the Milk sugar scrub all through my last pregnancy and it was the only scent that didn’t make me nauseous, other than all natural scrubs. Their scrubs are meant to be sugar scrubs without the sometimes-messy oil factor of traditional sugar scrubs, though with my dry skin I LOVE traditional sugar scrubs I also love the Bathhouses take on them, and I feel like they are great for almost anyone, and especially for people who may not like too much oil in their products, or who have oily skin to begin with.

I recently picked up some of their goat milk body butter in my favorite scent and I’m seriously in love. I’ve been using it twice a day on my dry skin and it’s done wonders, I already picked up a bigger container and will continue to buy it, it’s a new favorite for all over. I also picked up a small one of Goddess and I have every intention to stock up on these babies.!! Seriously, buy one.. You won’t regret it.

Their bath bombs smell so great, and don’t ever bother my sensitive skin. I’ve been tempted to buy a milk bath bomb and stick it under the seat in my jeep and forget about it because wherever you store it will smell amazing… so much fragrance in such a tiny little thing.

If you live in Hot Springs, or near one of their other locations, and haven’t been in, you need to check it out, seriously don’t just get online, go into the store and smell everything, try out the lotions, and experience this amazing little shop.! You won’t regret it. The people who work here are always so sweet and helpful. Almost every time I bring my (crazy) three year olds in they leave with a tiny scrub in Cupcake which is their favorite. They always ask if we can go to the “soap store.”

 If you don’t live near one of their stores though you can check out their website here.!

Boxycharm April 

I’m always wondering how I ever made it through life without boxycharm. I feel like a little kid around the middle of the month waiting on my box to come in.!! 

This month was #BoxyChanceOfCharms and included an eyelash primer, a loose eyeshadow in SUCH a pretty color, a daily lip nourisher, an Ofra liquid lipstick in “Pasadena,” and a hand cream that smells AMAZING. I have yet to recieve anything that I haven’t loved, and this is my favorite way to try new things that I’ve never heard of and probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise. 

Boxycharm you never let me down. Keep doing what you’re doing.