Today’s Makeup: 1.31.16


Primer: Nivea post shave balm

Face: Too Faced Born This Way + Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

Eyes: Tarte Tartelette

Contour: Nudestix Sculpting Pencil + Shade Light

Brows: Milani Stay Put Brow + Too Faced Brow Envy

Highlighter: Nyx Illuminator in Enigmatic

Bronzer: The Balm Bahama Mama

Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Milkshake

Swatched: Nyx Lip Lingerie 


  • 01 – Honeymoon 
  • 02 – Embellishment
  • 05 – Beauty Mark
  • 09 – Corset
  • 07 – Satin Ribbon
  • 10 – Teddy 
  • 11 – Baby Doll
  • 12 – Exotic 

Okay so the fourth swatch is actually the 5th lipstick which is shade 07 and the fourth lipstick is the 5th swatch which is shade 09, I thought 9 was a 6 and got confused SORRRYYYYYY. 

Anyway I haven’t worn these yet but I’m really liking the colors, applicator, and packaging so far.. I can’t wait to try them out and review them with you guys but I was too excited to not share.! 

These are $7 here.

Review: Dr Jart Trans-Foam Clay Pink

Review: Dr Jart Trans-Foam Clay Pink

One word: wow. I got this mask online recently because I had never tried this brand and I love trying new things.

 I am SO impressed. This is a clay mask that spreads like an absolute DREAM. I use a small brush and with most masks I need two brushes of product to cover my face. 
This was more than enough to cover my entire face with a thick layer of product. A little goes such a long way.

You let this dry for about 3-5 minutes then you go to start the cleansing process. This mask turns into a foaming cleanser when you add warm water and it is HEAVENLY. It’s like no other cleanser I’ve ever used. I’m seriously blown away by this product. For $15 at Sephora, which rivals some drug store product prices and is significantly cheaper than some of the higher end products I’ve found a product that I plan to use again and again. When I dried my face off I had Aaron feel my face and he was genuinely surprised and said my face had never been so soft, and I use different products almost daily so that’s a big statement.! 

I also had Aaron test this product to get a second opinion. He has combination skin, while I have extremely dry skin. He loved it just as much as I did, I told him how to rinse it off and I’m pretty sure I heard him yell from the bathroom while drying his face, “I HAVE THE SKIN OF A BABY.!” My husband is adorable.

The only product I can think to compare this to is Glam Glow Mud to Foam Cleanser which is $40, harsher on the skin, and not anywhere near as moisturizing.. (Hence why I haven’t done a review on it..)

All in all this product is great for dry skin, and combination skin. It’s extremely gentle with zero burn so it’s great for sensitive skin, and it’s a good budget product as well. I will definitely be buying more from this brand and adding this to my weekly routine.  


Today’s Look 1.26.16

I’m loving today’s look mainly because I’m using a new favorite, Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipstick on the lips. It smells like vanilla and goes on like a dream.. Can I buy it in every color now please.? Swoon. Anyways here’s today’s product list.

Face: L’Oreal Pro Matte Foundation + Nars Creamy Concealer

Contour: Nudestix Sculpting Pencil + my baby Shade Light

Brows: Milani Stay Put Brow Color

Blush+ Highlight: The Balm Cosmetics Mary & Cindy from The Manizer Sisters
Bronzer: The Balm Cosmetics Bahama Mama

Lip: Gerard Cosmetics in Gravity this stuff is amazing. Seriously. The formula, the pigment, the way it stays, the color, the smell. It’s all good. It amazing. Buy it. Buy them all. Do it.

Favorite Fresh Face Routine for Dry Skin

Favorite Fresh Face Routine for Dry Skin

I have horribly dry skin. This winter weather certainly doesn’t help either.! I’m constantly trying new products and combinations trying to find out what works best for my super dry skin. I have routines that I use on days I don’t wear makeup and want extra moisture and I have routines for pre-makeup when I want to feel fresh. This is one of those.

This is the perfect combination for soft, fresh, dewy skin.

I know I have talked about both of these products before but that was one of my first posts and I’ve gained a lot of followers since then. I also had never used them alone together until last night and I fell in love.! 

  Isn’t it so gorgeous.??

Find Ocean Salt here, this is by far my FAVORITE item by Lush. It’s AMAZING. I love salt scrubs, and this one has coconut and avocado in it which leaves my skin so soft. I always feel so fresh after using this scrub. It’s no wonder it’s a best seller for them.

Find Clinique Moisture Surge here. This is such a lightweight formula, but it provides a great amount of moisture without clogging pores or making your skin sticky.

I reccomend this combo for any skin type but especially for those with combination or dry skin. It’s great for pre makeup or for makeup free days, it’s really just a great every day skin care routine.!

Have you guys tried these products.? If so what did you think.?

Contouring Routine

Contouring is probably my favorite part of makeup. It completely transforms the face, and it’s something that can work for any face type. Last night I decided to do a creamy contour and to set it with a powder contour for the sake of this post. It’s never necessary to do both, you can do either or and have great results.

  These are all the products used to contour in the photos in this post. 

 I use the sponge for blending the cream contour, the top brush for bronzer, the second one for highlighter, the third for powder highlighter, the fourth for matching my neck to my face, and the bottom brush for powder highlighting. The kabuki brush to the left I use for blending out my powder contour.

Note: Always start a contour (and any makeup routine) with an exfoliated and moisturized face for best results.

  Before: All I have on my face is foundation.

 During and after cream contour. I used Nudestix Sculpting Pencil in medium/deep for the dark contour and the lighter contour on my forehead. The highlight is Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in their lightest shade.

A cream contour is going to give you a more natural look, even though it does look kind of crazy while applying it, it leaves you with a nice seamless, airbrushed finish and a nice dewy glow.

You want to start your contour from the top of your ear toward the corner of your mouth for the most natural look.

  For my powder contour I used my beloved Shade Light palette.

I always set cream contours with powder contour for two reasons, the first is that I use concealer for highlighting and to prevent it from creasing it always needs to be set with a powder. The second reason is because I love intense makeup, and the powder contour does that for me. I always blend my powder upwards and highlight underneath to try and make the contour sharp.

The last thing I do is add bronzer and highlighter to add extra textures and dimensions. I used Becca skin Perfecter in Opal, and Benefit’s Hoola bronzer.

 Finished product.  
If you do try this you do NOT have to use as much product as I do. I like to go a little crazy. Do what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and over everything, what makes you feel beautiful. Hope this is helpful.! Comment and let me know what you think.!

Review: Perfectly Posh Drop Dead Gorgeous Mask

I’m not normally one to try things with that are sold by individuals, simply because I feel like the person selling them is usually biased. However my soon to be sister in law is now selling Perfectly Posh and was raving to me about the things she had tried so far and I thought it would be fun to try a few products and give you guys an unbiased opinion on them. The first thing I tried was their Drop Dead Gorgeous Mask.


When I first open this mask the first thing I notice is the smell, it’s very earthy. Obviously because it’s a mud mask but you can immediately smell the mud, (not in a bad way.!) and a slight lemony smell.. It’s really nice and fresh. The consistency of this mask is really soft and smooth, I’m really a fan.

It applies so easily.! I loved how well it spread on my face. If you have really really sensitive skin I wouldn’t reccomend this mask because it does burn a bit in the beginning. I have pretty sensitive skin, but I’m weird I don’t mind products that burn a bit, I actually prefer strong products because I get that DEEP clean feeling that I love. I left it on for about 7 minutes because I was watching my hubby edit my YouTube video.. If you haven’t checked that out yet you should.! You can find my new YouTube channel here. Anyways back on track, when I went to wash it off I was surprised at how easily it came off. Didn’t have to work too hard, or scrub it off, just used a warm washcloth, so that aspect is very gentle on the skin. As I was patting my face dry I could already tell my skin felt great. I went to bed without a moisturizer last night which with my super dry skin that’s something I never do, but I wanted to really see how this mask would do. I did the mask around ten last night and it’s almost noon now and my skin still feels pretty great sans moisturizer. 

You can find this mask here for $18

Is it worth almost 20$.? I’m not sure yet. It depends on how much use I can get out of it, but I’m EXTREMELY impressed with my initial impression of it and look forward to using it again soon and seeing if I continue to like it. I also can’t wait to try more masks (and other products) from this brand, so I can tell you guys without bias what’s good from this brand.! If you’ve tried anything from Perfectly Posh (and aren’t a salesperson for them) what have you tried.? What do you like.? Comment and let me know.!