Contouring Routine

Contouring is probably my favorite part of makeup. It completely transforms the face, and it’s something that can work for any face type. Last night I decided to do a creamy contour and to set it with a powder contour for the sake of this post. It’s never necessary to do both, you can do either or and have great results.

  These are all the products used to contour in the photos in this post. 

 I use the sponge for blending the cream contour, the top brush for bronzer, the second one for highlighter, the third for powder highlighter, the fourth for matching my neck to my face, and the bottom brush for powder highlighting. The kabuki brush to the left I use for blending out my powder contour.

Note: Always start a contour (and any makeup routine) with an exfoliated and moisturized face for best results.

  Before: All I have on my face is foundation.

 During and after cream contour. I used Nudestix Sculpting Pencil in medium/deep for the dark contour and the lighter contour on my forehead. The highlight is Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in their lightest shade.

A cream contour is going to give you a more natural look, even though it does look kind of crazy while applying it, it leaves you with a nice seamless, airbrushed finish and a nice dewy glow.

You want to start your contour from the top of your ear toward the corner of your mouth for the most natural look.

  For my powder contour I used my beloved Shade Light palette.

I always set cream contours with powder contour for two reasons, the first is that I use concealer for highlighting and to prevent it from creasing it always needs to be set with a powder. The second reason is because I love intense makeup, and the powder contour does that for me. I always blend my powder upwards and highlight underneath to try and make the contour sharp.

The last thing I do is add bronzer and highlighter to add extra textures and dimensions. I used Becca skin Perfecter in Opal, and Benefit’s Hoola bronzer.

 Finished product.  
If you do try this you do NOT have to use as much product as I do. I like to go a little crazy. Do what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and over everything, what makes you feel beautiful. Hope this is helpful.! Comment and let me know what you think.!

My Holy Grail: KVD Shade Light Contour Palette

This palette is my baby. I have had it for six months, and have used it EVERY day that I have done my makeup without fail. It is my number one can’t live without face product. 

I’m sure that if I got on my old phone and searched hard enough I could find pictures from when I first got her… Now she’s been through a lot, but she’s still beautiful.  



After six months of constant use I’ve finally started to hit pan in the past couple weeks, you can definitely see the shades I use the most.
One things I love about this palette is how pigmented the shades are, it doesn’t take much product to get a dramatic look, compared to Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Kit which in my opinion is more of a buildable product. 

I feel like the pans are huge, the palette is 46$ and to me it’s so worth it for how much use you can get out of it. I will buy it again and again. I have it in my Sephora bag online ready to checkout as we speak because this is something I never want to run out of.

It has such a perfect mix of warn and cool tones that I feel like complement any complexion. 

This is such a blendable formula provided you don’t use too much of it. I suggest starting with very little product and adding more if needed, a little really goes a long way with this.

These are the brushes I typically use with this kit. I used to use the shade light brush by itself but for the past couple months I’ve used the Morphe mb30 to contour and bh cosmetics 115 from their sculpt and blend kit to highlight, then I use the the shade light brush to blend it out and I really like this combination.

The ONLY thing I wish was different about this palette is that I wish it had an almost white highlighting color, I would literally die for that. I could rave on this palette all day, but if you’ve ever seen my contour, and if you’ve liked it, or if you’re looking to try contouring then you should try this palette.! Find it here.