DIY: Coconut Fruit Scrub

My review on Shea Moisture’s eczema therapy got a lot of attention last night which made me want to share something I’ve done for years to battle my own eczema. 

I make a sugar scrub that does wonders for the skin. All it takes is sugar and coconut oil, but the possibilities are endless.

Start out with some kind of container, fill it about 3/4 of the way with sugar then add coconut oil until the sugar is fully covered, and just enough to have all the sugar damp without having excess oil. I haven’t done measurements on this because I’m always making it for different uses whether it be for one night, a couple days, or a week of uses I always cater to my current needs.

Today I used sugar, coconut oil, (I prefer to use unrefined but any kind works,) then I added 3 finely cut strawberries and zest from an entire orange. Because I used fresh strawberries this will only last about a week, but I’ll have no problem going through it that quickly.

I let my hubby smell it and he said it’s something I should sell. Yes it’s really that amazing, but SO easy. Use a generous amount in the shower or bath and you’ll feel the difference. I had terrible eczema through my childhood, and I started making this scrub when I was pregnant with my son and by maybe the sixth use I had eliminated ALL the bumps from my arms. I was absolutely amazed, and I hope all of you can experience the same great results, or even just the soft skin you want.!