Sephora Haul

I got a little carried away, but I’m really excited about this haul for a few reasons.

I’m planning to try out both of the Becca foundations for a while then do a post on which I prefer.

I finally got a Becca poured skin perfector.

My favorite lip gloss brand, Buxom came out with a liquid Lippie.

AND I can’t wait to review this Dr Jart sleeping mask.

I’m actually excited about all of it.

I can’t handle the excitement, guys.

Boxycharm April 

I’m always wondering how I ever made it through life without boxycharm. I feel like a little kid around the middle of the month waiting on my box to come in.!! 

This month was #BoxyChanceOfCharms and included an eyelash primer, a loose eyeshadow in SUCH a pretty color, a daily lip nourisher, an Ofra liquid lipstick in “Pasadena,” and a hand cream that smells AMAZING. I have yet to recieve anything that I haven’t loved, and this is my favorite way to try new things that I’ve never heard of and probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise. 

Boxycharm you never let me down. Keep doing what you’re doing. 

March 2016 Boxycharm

March 2016 Boxycharm

As always I am super impressed with this months Boxycharm.! Makeup Geek shadows are my favorite and I’m so happy to have a couple new ones to add to my stash.  

This months theme was sweet treats so there’s lots of pinks and sweet smells going on in this little box.


 I’m really excited to try out this hydromilk for my ridiculously dry skin.

I also got a brow pencil, a contour brush, and some perfume that I’ve never heard of but that smells really good so I’ll probably be using it on the regular.

Seriously each month Boxycharm gets better and better, if you haven’t signed up yet go do it.!!


Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Lippies

  I picked these up because the packaging is adorable, and I thought the girls would like the containers. They have little mirrors inside. Hard Candy has always been a bit a bit of a kid brand to me but the sleek design of these Lippies is a big step up for them in my opinion.
Pictured: Dahlia, Dafodil, and Sweet Pea. Also pictured vertically Dose Of Colors in Mood because I realized i had a perfect dupe.

These lippies are super pigmented, go on smooth, feel really comfy on, and they smell really good. For 6$ at Walmart these are a steal and I think this brand is going a really good direction. I’m actually exited to try more of their new stuff. They do dry pretty matte, but aren’t drying which is fine with me and to be expected with a mouse style Lippie. Over all in really impressed.!


Review: Buxom Full on Lip Glosses.

Okay so first of all I love this stuff. I bought my first tube of it back in July in the shade dolly, and it’s by far my favorite plumping lip gloss.  

 My little buxom collection so far. Find these babies Here, and Here.

From left to right it’s the lip polishes in Sophia and Dolly, and Lip Cream in Kir Royale.

I got the minis in a point reward thing from Sephora recently along with a buxom eyeliner and a mascara. Everything ive tried from this brand so far has been great but these plumping lip glosses are the best.

There’s two kinds, the lip polish and the lip cream, the only real difference is that the polish has shimmer. 

I adore plumping glosses like these because they feel so fresh on my lips and I love products with a good tingling feeling. Some plumping glosses burn like hell and those are not the ones I like. It’s so hard to find ones that are not uncomfortable. This brand is right on par with my other favorite which is from Dior.


Excuse my lack of eyebrows in the first picture. Isn’t it amazing what a different eyebrows make.?? Anyway this is the Sophia full on lip polish. It has such a perfect amount of pigment in my opinion, and is just great for days that I’m going for a more natural look, or to layer. 

The formula is not sticky, and it’s so comfortable on the lips, plus the shine is to die for. I wore this gloss for a night out Saturday, and the tingling/plumping effect lasted over two hours and even then the gloss was still visible. As for plumping I have really thin lips, I’d like to think this helps a bit, it feels like it, but I can’t be positive.


I swear I’m usually not a fan of lip glosses but I adore this stuff. 


Boxycharm; January + February

Boxycharm; January + February

So I’ve been getting ipsy for about a year now and I kind of feel like I’ve grown out of it a bit. Don’t get me wrong I love ipsy, but it was time to try new things.


For 21$ a month you get 4-5 FULL SIZE items. Yes, full size items.! What better way to try new products and find what you love.

This is the January box, I just got around to opening it. The theme of this box was “Eyes on 2016.”

This is the February box which has the the theme “Rush to Relax”

I’m so impressed with this subscription box, the packaging is simple and adorable, much more chic than ipsy in my opinion. Some of the brands are familiar to me and others are new ones that I’m excited to try. 

I can’t wait to test these products and review the ones I love for you guys. Hopefully once I’ve got my life together a little better and am not so busy, (haha,) I’ll start making monthly unboxing posts with reviews. 

I’m super excited about this.! If you have never done a subscription box or have been struggling to decide which one to use I would 100% reccomend this one and I’m only on month two.! I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has in store.