Review: Shea Moisture Baby Eczema Therapy

Review: Shea Moisture Baby Eczema Therapy

I’m in love. I’m forever in search for baby products I like because my little man is my life.  

 Today’s haul.! 
We went to cvs looking for products I can use on my daughters hair, and mine since we both have pitifully thin hair and hers is patchy, so we wanted to try something new. I needed to pick up some teething tablets for Oliver and came across this Shea Moisture eczema treatment.


Oliver does NOT have eczema, Holly does, and I do also, so he may develop it down the road but right now it’s not an issue. I’m always looking for moisturizing lotions to use on baby Dean because he loves lotion time, and so do I.

When I opened it I was a little confused because it looks like a scrub. It’s grainy and feels like a shower scrub that you would wash off. In reality it’s kind of a exfoliant that dissolves when rubbed into the skin which is AWESOME in the terms of eczema treatment especially, since sometimes just lathing lotion over the bumps doesn’t do as much as scrubbing them with something a little more rigid. I took my crying, tired, angry little baby from his daddy and laid him down to lotion him up, as soon as I started rubbing this product on his little arms he calmed down and started smiling. I then spent half an hour rubbing it into his entire little body, then my daughter Holly’s arms, and my super dry heels. I’m so impressed. I didn’t buy this with plans of making a blog post about it but I think it could be beneficial for people of all ages who struggle with not just eczema, but maybe just dry skin or rough patches. It goes on like a scrub but the end result is an ultra moisturized area that isn’t greasy, and feels amazing. I think it would work great on problem areas like elbows, knees, heels, hands. I plan on working this into my regimen as well as my babies. Definitely a great buy.

Find it (and other great reviews,) for $8 here.

  We followed it up with Bath and Body works “sleep,” and bubba was passed out within ten minutes without nursing or anything. Definitely a new nighttime routine.!!