This photo describes the bubble mask experiment perfectly.



I didn’t like it. 

I bought a bubble mask at Sephora and made my whole family try it. It may be great for some people but I felt like I had ants crawling in my skin. I couldn’t get it off fast enough. 

It was interesting.. But not for me.

Want to watch the video.?

If you do be sure to ignore my silly eyebrows at the end.. I had to get that crap off my face and may have taken some (or most) of my eyebrows off with it.. I also had some leftover glitter on my eyelids from my Valentine’s Day makeup, not a skin disease.. And what’s up with my scalp.? Why do I have an albino scalp.? Why am I so white.? Ughhhh.

Also if you watch to the end Payton is the cutest thing ever, she mimicks me. 

you have to watch it.

Find it here.

New YouTube Account.!

Find it Here.
I just put up my very first video. It isn’t a tutorial or anything, just an introduction, but I hope you guys enjoy it!

I’m hoping to start doing video reviews as well as tutorials very very soon. If you have requests or suggestions for subjects to video just let me know in the comments.!