Review: Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream

Okay so I know it’s been like 20 days since I’ve made a post, I’m so sorry guys.! There’s been so much going on, my hubby has been working on business things, my baby girls started preschool (what.?? Where has the time gone??)  as well as some family things, Aaron’s grandmother has been fighting cancer and passed away last week, so good vibes would be appreciated for my sweet mother in law as she goes through this hard time, and though I may still be a little distant in the following weeks I’m going to do my best to get back to posting regularly. 

I haven’t been wearing much in the way of makeup lately but I’ve been using a new cream/moisturizer over the past couple weeks that I’ve fallen completely in love with. 

I did a review a while ago on a product from Dr Jart called Trans Foam Clay – Pink, that has since become my go to twice a week face mask, I’m on my second tube. It never fails to leave my skin extremely soft, and so I wanted to explore the brand a bit to see what else amazing they had hiding at Sephora. If you have tried their pink mask already you’re sure to love the Ceramidin cream too.

When I was in Dallas for spring break a lady at the galleria store suggested this to me for dry skin, so I ordered it on the drive home, and it’s been seriously life changing. For anyone who doesn’t know I have very very dry skin. I have used this every day and I no longer have flaky patches on my face, and it’s noticeably softer as well as more moisturized throughout the day and into the next day even before reapplying the cream. It’s thick, but feels amazing on the skin, and you can feel the difference immediately. I haven’t used any of my other moisturizers since getting this one in the mail, and I know I will buy it again. I’ll also be trying out EVERYTHING in this skin care line. If you have dry skin, or rough patches you owe it to yourself to buy this, seriously, if you are having trouble finding a good moisturizer that really gets the job done, and if you only buy one this is it. 


Find it here.

March 2016 Boxycharm

March 2016 Boxycharm

As always I am super impressed with this months Boxycharm.! Makeup Geek shadows are my favorite and I’m so happy to have a couple new ones to add to my stash.  

This months theme was sweet treats so there’s lots of pinks and sweet smells going on in this little box.


 I’m really excited to try out this hydromilk for my ridiculously dry skin.

I also got a brow pencil, a contour brush, and some perfume that I’ve never heard of but that smells really good so I’ll probably be using it on the regular.

Seriously each month Boxycharm gets better and better, if you haven’t signed up yet go do it.!!


Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Lippies

  I picked these up because the packaging is adorable, and I thought the girls would like the containers. They have little mirrors inside. Hard Candy has always been a bit a bit of a kid brand to me but the sleek design of these Lippies is a big step up for them in my opinion.
Pictured: Dahlia, Dafodil, and Sweet Pea. Also pictured vertically Dose Of Colors in Mood because I realized i had a perfect dupe.

These lippies are super pigmented, go on smooth, feel really comfy on, and they smell really good. For 6$ at Walmart these are a steal and I think this brand is going a really good direction. I’m actually exited to try more of their new stuff. They do dry pretty matte, but aren’t drying which is fine with me and to be expected with a mouse style Lippie. Over all in really impressed.!


Milk Makeup Haul + Swatches

Milk Makeup Haul + Swatches

So I found a new brand to learn and love.

Milk Makeup
I fell in love with their packaging, and just had to make an order.

My haul before taking them out of their packaging. I like that they aren’t in boxes, and are instead in sleek containers. I kept them because I can see reuses in their future.

Today I used the bronzer in Baked

The highlighter in Lit

And a lip/ cheek combo in Swish

I didn’t take any makeup pictures today because I’ve been all over the place and in the rain, but I loved these products. I did do some swatches for you guys though.! 

I especially liked the bronzer, I used it to contour today and was really impressed by the pigment as well as how blendable it was. It will probably be an everyday product from here on out.



I can’t wait to try everything I got from this brand, and to buy more. So far I’m impressed and I think they’re an awesome (as well as modern,) company. Over half of their products are vegan and they are cruelty free. They use natural oils which I LOVE, and they all require minimal effort and are made to be able to use on the go, or for those days you’re in a hurry. If you’re a mom like me you have those days more often than you don’t, but it’s nice to be able to feel put together without wasting precious time.

I have really high hopes for this brand.

 Oh also their brow pencils are names Pale Ale, Pilsner, and Dark Brew.. If nothing else had me sold that sure got this beer lovers attention.! 

My haul out of their packages.


More to come on this brand soon.!

Today’s Makeup 3.7.16

Sorry I’ve been away guys. My kiddos have been sick one after the other, and it’s been a hectic couple weeks. Today I finally wore makeup, so I wanted to post about some details that I’ve been loving.


I ordered The Balm Cosmetics, Smoke Balm off amazon because I love their packaging and products and love trying new stuff from them. I used it today for the first time and the colors are super pigmented, go amazingly together, AND you can use the color flame as a highlighter as well. That’s what I did today and I’m really just loving this palette. If you’ve never tried The Balm Cosmetics you really should check them out. Their Mary Loumanizer highlighter is  my go to highlighter, and everything I’ve tried from them so far I have loved. 


Review: Shray Ms. Amazing Face Mask from Feb. Boxycharm

Review: Shray Ms. Amazing Face Mask from Feb. Boxycharm

So I’m in love with the packaging on this product.. It’s seriously adorable.   

Putting this mask on is a bit strange, but I have to be honest I usually am not a fan of paper masks. I’m more of a brush-on kind of girl. With that being said this mask in an exception. Usually I don’t feel like I’m getting enough coverage from face masks, but this one felt (and kind of looked,) like a second skin once I had it on, and I’m really a fan. 

Excuse my face, I have a sick baby so I haven’t worn makeup in like a week, but look at this mask.! It seriously clings to your skin and feels like a regular mud mask which is so strange to me. It’s not like anything else I’ve ever tried.

When you take this mask off you aren’t supposed to rinse your face, I don’t know if that’s how all paper masks are, I haven’t used one in years, like I said I’m not really a fan of paper. I didn’t exfoliate my face this morning or last night because I wanted to see how the mask does on its own. After removing the paper and rubbing the leftover product into my skin I was left with fresh, moisturized, and dewy skin. It was very gentle on my sensitive skin with no burning at all, just a cool feeling while it was on. I feel like I could use this mask before makeup by itself with no problem on the days I don’t want to exfoliate and moisturize, and want a one step solution to my always-dry skin. 

Overall I think this is a really unique brand from packaging to product and I look forward to trying other things from them.!